eReviews | Ethics Certification and Compliance Management

eReviews is a very adaptable and flexible management system for various certification processes including human ethics, animal, budget and contracts, research feasibility, bio-safety, radio safety and more.

eReviews brings great efficiency to the end-to-end process of certification evaluation from the initiation of an application through a very flexible evaluation process approval, ongoing reporting (annual reports, adverse events, modifications...)to the completion and archiving of the project.

eReviews is equipped with a state-of-the-art toolkit such as approval letter generation, smart reminders for renewals, researchers study guide (assist researchers screen and fill-out only the forms that are specific to their study)

Meeting and Committee Management

Electronic Meeting Agenda and Meeting Minutes

Smart Forms (expend based on users ‘answers)

Online review capturing reviewers’ comments and decisions electronically

Email notifications of tasks

Workflow based on BPMN standard

Business Intelligence reporting (empowering users to create further report generation)


Drastically reduces overall review time and cost

Electronic submission is eco-friendly and saves paper

Traceability: access information about project, review process, researchers and know exactly when things are done

Research data centralization accessible through reporting module

Interconnection with external systems (grants and awards system, HR, Finance system, LDAP-AD...)

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