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June 2018

Very proud to share the good news! We are the winner of the Simon Fraser University RFP, the eAWARDS-eREVIEWS platform has been considered the best one to automate the studies/projects compliance and funding management processes.

May 2018

Our new platform code-name = ''eCASE '' begins to see the light of day ... the first modules are coming out and our AI machine learning capabilities are astonishing !!! Thanks again to the IRAP program of the National Research Council Canada for supporting us.

March 2018

The Fondation de France, which manages more than € 180 million in project financing in a multitude of sectors, launches its first competitions on our eAWARDS platform, it manages the entire pre-application cycle with several inter-applications integration points.

January 2018

eVision launches collegiate research grant programs at the Quebec Ministry of Education. eAWARDS manages the complete cycle including competition definition, on-line applications validation and submission, eligibility, evaluation and post-financing monitoring.

14.07.2017 - eVision nets two business process management awards from FinancesOnline for the great success of its eAwards solution.

eAwards is breaking ground in the software industry when it underwent a review by trusted B2B directory FinancesOnline and came through with a score of 8.0 out of 10 and a perfect user satisfaction rating of 100%.

eAwards is a grants management software designed to help funding organizations, academic institutions and research centers manage and enhance all aspects of their funding processes. deemed eAwards worthy of its 2017 Rising Star Award and 2017 Great User Experience Award for online business process management software. These badges of distinction are conferred to outstanding products that have gained traction with customers on the strength of heir usability and comprehensive features.

FinancesOnline also included eVision in its elite ranking of the best business process management software products.

We are thrilled by the achievements of our product which are testaments to its excellence and effectiveness, as confirmed by both customers and industry experts.

04.03.2017 - eVision is invited to a series of round tables about Network Economy and Spatial Collective Intelligence.

Adil Hamdouna, President of eVision, has participated to the beginning of a series of round tables dedicated to Network Economy and Spatial Collective Intelligence. The Living Lab of Montreal, the News Cities Foundation and Made in Montreal are driving this event.

This initiative is linked to eVision’s investment on the Inter-space management platform implementation, augmented by the Blockchain technology for secured transactions.

Adil Hamdouna took part of discussions run by the Living Lab about the future of Work and Work Spaces. As total, more than 50 decision makers were at the ''Espace CDPQ'' to discuss on these innovative trends.

02.06.2017 - The Ministry of Education and Higher Education of Quebec selects eVision to optimize its grants program management

We are glad to announce that eVision has been selected to implement its eAwards solution within the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

The Ministry has selected eVision’s services and expertise to bring a huge improvement to the Grants Program management of the collegial area, which is a key component of the strategic funding program. This cooperation aims at better integrating the financial support service infrastructure, and set standards ensuring the efficient management of the diverse grants programs the Ministry is responsible for.

Our experts will be on the field to provide a tailored support to the technical teams and the business users all along the project cycle, from the initial planning to the training phase.

eVision is a leading Company providing specialized solutions to the research community, and its solution is now used by important research-driven organizations in Canada, in France and internationally, such as the Canadian Foundation for Innovation, the Quebec Funds for Health Research, and the AFM Telethon.

01.13.2017 - Top Medical Research Trends to watch in 2017

In 2017, the future of medical innovation is going to represent a key challenge within the Research space according to the Huffington Post, questioning the continuing progress toward faster cures and treatment. Some of the major trends we can observe:

Innovation on Clinical trials
There has been much interest in new trial designs such as adaptive trials and platform trials, to make the long and expensive clinical trial process more efficient and effective. I-SPY in breast cancer, Lung-MAP in lung cancer give examples of how we can set up trials around patients and disease rather than setting up a trial around a drug.

Doing science in the real world
Real-world evidence has started to become crucial component to support a medical research, which is reflected by the creation of a knowledge base for the conduct of pragmatic (or real-world) trials, or the collection of real-world data on 1 million people in the wild to support new discoveries (Precision Medicine Initiative by the US National Institute of Health).

There'll be a higher focus in 2017 on quantitative and qualitative metrics of the value of patient-centricity and patient engagement, developing tools and resources to help build the science of patient input that will be the foundation of this new relationship with patients.

Direct-to-patient R and D
Predictive analytics formerly used by direct-to-consumers leaders will be more and more applied to direct-to-patient researchers, allowing them to engage, have patients participate to the Research, and leverage data insights to bring better value to the medical community.

12.15.2016 - eVision event in Rabat - Morocco: supporting initiatives for Research and Development in Morocco

Representatives from government, academia and industry will gather in Rabat-Morocco on January 26th 2017 to meet eVision experts and share insights on innovation in Morocco.

Participants will attend presentations and testimonies that address challenges related to the management of research and development program, and more especially about the administration of funds. This event is run by eVision and its Partner Softarys, with the support of the Canadian Embassy based in Rabat - see more information in the French version.

12.02.2016 - We are back at the Canadian Space Agency to upgrade their Mobile Servicing System

After 17 years of collaboration to build the Canadian component of the International Space Station, Softsim, in partnership with eVision, is pleased to resume the cooperation with the Canadian Space Agency to upgrade their existing Mobile Servicing System (MSS). This new project aims at bringing significant improvements to the MSS, a robotics suite that assembles the Station in space, module by module. The MSS is the huge Canadian contribution to the ISS, an orbiting research laboratory that started to operate in 1998. eVision's know-how was selected to improve the entire system. In order to make this collaboration successful, the best technical experts have been deployed to lead the project, manage all developments, and provide a full tailored service during the whole upgrade phase.

About the Canadian Space Agency: The Canadian Space Agency coordinates all civil, space-related policies and programs on behalf of the Government of Canada, and runs advanced research projects like the recent study of space radiation that aims to measure and monitor astronauts’ exposure to space radiation, thus protecting them from its harmful effects.

About eVision: eVision is a leading Company providing a industry-based and scalable software combined with a wide range of IT and Consulting Services helping Companies get the best benefits from their technology infrastructure and increase operational efficiency. eVision has been supporting important public and private Organizations such as the Department of National Defence, the Canadian Economic Development Agency, and the National Research Council of Canada.

11.25.2016 - The French Association Sidaction continues the collaboration with eVision to extend the implementation of its funds management system eAwards

As a second part of the eAwards implementation at Sidaction, eVision is now covering the associative program area by integrating the International Program service (SPI). This collaboration followed the first successful implementation of the Scientific Program Service (SPS). eVision's solution now underpins most of Sidaction's funding operations concerning research and association programs. Sidaction has now reached a higher level of process integration, automation and efficiency, which enables better accountability and visibility throughout the funds administration process lifecycle.

About Sidaction: Sidaction (formerly "Ensemble contre le Sida") is a French association created in 1994 which objective is to support people suffering from HIV. Since its creation, the Organization has been supporting Researchers and Associations to improve prevention as well as HIV treatment in France and worldwide. With more than 200 Research projects and action programs supported in 2015, the Sidaction remains one of the most important associations dedicated to the fight against HIV.

About eVision: eVision is a leading Company providing specialized solutions to the research community. The leading Canadian Company provides technology platforms for researchers and funders to help them get full control over the project life cycle, enabling them to better review, track, and fund their Research activity. eVision has been supporting important research-driven organizations in Canada, in France and internationally, such as the Canadian Foundation for Innovation, the Quebec Funds for Health Research, and the AFM Telethon.

11.15.2016 - eVision selected by the Department of National Defence to provide expertise in communications and business transformation strategy

eVision is pleased to announce that it has been selected by the Department of National Defence (DND) to provide strong expertise to support the military sustainment initiative. The collaboration aims at determining a global sustainment strategy so as to optimize the entire procurement process; the DND has chosen eVision's experts to provide advisory on business transformation and communications strategy, but also coordination, liaison, and general support services. eVision has shown the best experience and delivery capacity to win this project, and is now supporting the DND during the day-to-day operations to transform the sustainment initiative into a successful military sustainment strategy moving forward.

About the Department of National Defence: The Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces provide advice and support to the Minister of National Defence and implement government decisions regarding the defence of Canadian interests at home and abroad. The DND runs initiatives and manages all defence procurement related to military operations.

About eVision: eVision is a leading Company providing a industry-based and scalable software combined with a wide range of IT and Consulting Services helping Companies get the best benefits from their technology infrastructure and increase operational efficiency. eVision has been supporting important public and private Organizations such as the Canadian Space Agency, the Canadian Economic Development Agency, and the National Research Council of Canada.

11.10.2016 - eVision selected by the Canadian Space Agency to review the Organization's global staffing process and develop a performance measurement system

Capitalizing on the success story helping the Canadian Immigration and Citizenship (CIC) modernize their entire Business management infrastructure, eVision is pleased to have been selected once again, out of 106 competitors, to review the global staffing process and develop an efficient performance measurement system at the Canadian Space Agency. The collaboration between the Canadian Space Agency and eVision aims at optimizing internal methods and systems to maintain the Organizational efficiency. eVision's successful collaboration with the CIC has been a key criteria for selection; the experience and delivery capacity of its Business Process consulting team has also made a key difference and positioned eVision above all its competitors.

About the Canadian Space Agency: The Canadian Space Agency coordinates all civil, space-related policies and programs on behalf of the Government of Canada, and runs advanced research projects like the recent study of space radiation that aims to measure and monitor astronauts’ exposure to space radiation, thus protecting them from its harmful effects.

About eVision: eVision is a leading Company providing a industry-based and scalable software combined with a wide range of IT and Consulting Services helping Companies get the best benefits from their technology infrastructure and increase operational efficiency. eVision has been supporting important public and private Organizations such as the Department of National Defence, the Canadian Economic Development Agency, and the National Research Council of Canada.

01.05.2015 - Proservices

eVision is pleased to announce we were awarded a mandate with the Department of National Defence (DND) and Shared Services (SSC) to revisit the architecture and design as well as implement end-to-end SCCM 2012 environment.

This is a mandate won under the Proservices Procurement vehicle of PWGSC (Public Works and Government Services Canada).

01.02.2015 - eReviews at MUHC-RI compliant with the new framework for multi site research studies

A new version of eReviews was released at the MUHC Research institute to comply with the Quebec Ministry of health new multi-site research project review.
The new ethics review Framework for multi-sites projects in Quebec took effect Feb 1 2015. The Framework for Public Health and Social Services Institutions to authorize research conducted at more than one site sets out the rules for authorizing multi-sites research projects conducted in any RSSS affiliated establishment.
We are happy to report that the new version of eReviews is up and running and all MUHC research hospitals are now compliant.

Brief overview of the Framework Context”
“The Framework  sets out the rules that will enable public institutions in the RSSS to authorize a research project in their institution by recognizing an ethics review conducted by an REB in the RSSS, whether or not it is part of the institution where the research is to be conducted.
The provisions in the Framework relating to the determination of the reviewing REB and its activities apply notwithstanding any incompatible provisions that may be included in the institution’s regulatory framework for research activities, mission statement or operating rules of the institution’s REB, if it has one, or in an affiliation agreement.”

For more information on the new Framework go to Link

27.11.2014 - 2014 Montreal Téléthon

Thursday, November 27th, eVision held their Téléthon. We worked in collaboration with AFM Téléthon in France to make this event a success. Severals stands were open to passersby, such as a juice bar, a fitness instructor, an osteopath, Brunet pharmacy, an Ayurveda professional and a henna artist. Muscular Dystrophy Canada was also present and we would like to thank them for being a part of our event and educating us about the daily life of the patients.

All the proceeds will go directly to AFM Téléthon and Muscular Dystrophy Canada.

22.10.2014 - Human resources? We do that too: eVision is performing yet another task (task 9) for CIC.

Effective human resources management is fundamental to a high performing organization. To improve the delivery of Human Resources (HR) services, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has recently implemented the Treasury Board’s Common Human Resources Business Processes (CHRBP). This project, which identified best practices, aligning CIC processes to the CHRBP standard, will now move into the monitoring and continuous improvement phase.  CHRBP identifies and depicts the seven Human Resources process areas as a logical set of activities required to conduct people management in departments/agencies as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Moving forward, and as part of the continuous improvement cycle, CIC engaged the services of eVision.Softsim in Joint Venture to lead a phased project in assisting in further refining the HR business processes and identifying areas where improvements and efficiencies could be realized or where superfluous activities could be eliminated.
This process is a first step in transforming the delivery of HR services. The revised processes will be subsequently further transformed and integrated into an automated software tool.

29.09.2014 - eAwards at the Lalla Salma Foundation in Morocco: The Foundation Lalla Salma, a Non Governmental Organization dedicated to fighting cancer

We are so very pleased to announce that eAwards is being implemented at the Lalla Salma Foundation against cancer in Morocco. It will support the automated process for grants and research projects management.
Since its creation in 2005, the Lalla Salma Foundation against cancer has been working hand in hand with all its partners, to make of the fight against cancer a public health priority in Morocco and the region.

The Foundation Lalla Salma aims at setting up a national plan dedicated to fighting cancer which will apply the best clinical practices, by implementing a strategy using an innovative and participative approach adapted to the specificities of the country.
Created at the initiative of Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Salma, the “ Foundation Lalla Salma against Cancer” (Foundation Lalla Salma) is working ceaseless since 2005 to improve the patients’ care, to promote the prevention and to make of the fight against cancer a public health priority in Morocco. Furthermore, the Foundation Lalla Salma made a commitment in terms of scientific research, hence multiplying partnerships in Morocco and worldwide.

The Lalla Salma Foundation against cancer adopted a participative and multidimensional approach to figure out the cancer issue. The Foundation Lalla Salma is officially recognized as a non-profit organization and pretends not to replace any public, private, nor foundation institution. The Foundation Lalla Salma acts in concert with all its partners, working together at implementing a national health-system dedicated at fighting cancer that would be modeled on the best international practices.

The Foundation Lalla Salma has always been privileging the well-being and the comfort of the patient, who is at the center of all its concerns. The Foundation Lalla Salma is fortunate to rely on the never-ending and active implication of all and every one of the private and corporate partners, working out to meet the cancer challenge in Morocco.

02.09.2014 - eVision reinforces its presence at the Department of National Defence

So very proud to share that eVision won yet another fantastic mandate with DND for the second time in a month. This time, we will be providing Operations Support expertise for a 5 year-contract totalling close to the half-million dollar mark.

21.08.2014 - 4 years

Another great news we are proud to share with you: eVision is adding another fantastic mandate to its successes. We are providing our Project Administration expertise  to The Communications Security Establishment for a total of 4 years and estimated at over half a million dollars. This will contribute to establishing a persistent and sustainable IT software solution.

31.07.2014 - At the Department of National Defence

eVision was just awarded a 4 year-contract with the Department of National Defence (DND) providing project administration expertise in support of  the Royal Canadian Air Force GPS Advanced Navigation Project. This project involves the installation of Global Positioning System Navigation Equipment on multiple aircraft fleets.

28.07.2014 - 6th task

Currently, eVision is providing resources for the 6th task of our 2 year-mandate with CIC. In July 2013, accountabilities for Canada's Passport Program were transferred to Citizenship and Immigration Canada. As a result, CIC is now seeking to improve the Procurement intake process for all requisitions in order to expedite the intake and allocation of requisitions while providing the client a seamless and efficient service. The goal is to shorten delays in service delivery, improve efficiency while reducing costs and help implement a culture of continuous improvement. Therefore, for this specific task, eVision is providing Business Process Consulting expertise.

19.06.2014 - eVision in France - eVision implanted eAwards, its grant and subvention management system at AFM-Téléthon (The French Muscular Dystrophy Association)

The French Muscular Dystrophy Association (AFM-Téléthon) is composed of patients and their families who are affected by a genetic, rare and progressive illness that leads to heavy handicaps: neuromuscular diseases.

The Telethon, a French fund-raising event, belongs to everyone! It takes place the first week-end of December every year with the help of hundreds of thousands of volunteers, millions of participants and lots of artists. It is also a 30-hour long TV show aired on a public channel. The next Téléthon will take place on the 5th and 6th of December and will be hosted by Garou, their 2014 ῝Godfather” and a Québec native.

This implantation of eAwards represents the beginning of a very promising future in France.

22.05.2014 - High quality consulting services

Your time and money should never be wasted dealing with multiple recruitment agencies in order to find that linchpin employee.


What differentiates us from the competition is our methodology: we emphasize the importance of attitude of the candidates in recruitment.

With its 20 years of experience in IT solutions, eVision’s team realizes that the best approach to customer service and client satisfaction is to form a true partnership arrangement with our clients and we believe that we are an extension of their own human resources group.

We have an extensive database of skilled workers for very diverse positions such as Technical Writer, Business Process Consultant, Technical Architect, Program Analyst, Business Architect etc.

It’s all about Skills, Knowledge and Attitude. We understand you are looking for people who can contribute to your organization in a very concrete and positive way. You need individuals who will integrate quickly with your present team and who will be motivated in your environment. Our goal is to gain insight into your organization in order to quickly identify that perfect employee match: the individual who will bring competency and great attitude to the table.

We have developed a proven process guaranteeing your needs are met, from the analysis through the implementation of the chosen solution. We align our IT Consulting Services with emerging technology to deliver state-of-art IT solutions. Whether you are a small office or a large corporation, we approach every challenge with one goal: making sure you get a positive return on your investment. It is as simple as that.

We offer the most competitive fees for both temporary and permanent positions.

We are certain you will not find better rates than ours.

15.05.2014 - Delivering technical architecture...

The Virtual Storage Team of the Shared Services Canada (SSC) – Economic and International Portfolio (EIP) is once again putting its trust in eVision’s hands.

SSC has an immediate and urgent requirement to maintain its current operational support levels with a storage engineering-level operational resource. This is being driven by a large amount of internal resource turnover, and heavily compounded by the influx of a large quantity of operational/sustaining activities throughout the portfolio.

eVision will be providing  senior-level engineer technical/storage architecture that will help implement, manage and support critical operations and active projects in the area of Enterprise Storage.

28.04.2014 - CAREB-ACCER 2014 National Conference in Montreal

eVision had the pleasure to attend the CAREB-ACCER 2014 National Conference last weekend.

“CAREB was established in 2000 as a community of REB professionals, namely chairs, members and administrators of research ethics boards. Faced with increasing responsibilities and working in a challenging research environment, a desire emerged for professionals to share best practices and to work together to improve visibility and credibility within their own organizations, the research community, and the public at large. With major policy discussions underway, there was a clear need for a strong representative voice in national discussions to ensure that the issues and concerns of the REB would be heard and considered in policy development.”

For more information on CAREB, check out their website here.

10.04.2014 - eReviews implemented in CSSS Gatineau

Early 2014, eVision established eReviews, one of our star products, in the Centre de santé et de services sociaux de Gatineau, in order to manage ethic review. CSSS is the biggest research centre in Outaouais and the second largest CSSS in Québec which makes us very proud they trusted us with this implementation.

07.04.2014 - We did it again!

eVision is very excited to announce its 4th mandate with SSC. Over the last few months, we’ve been strengthening our relationship with Shared Services Canada, and this mandate won against strong competition proves us right.

The Virtual Storage Team of the Shared Services Canada (SSC) – Economic and International Portfolio (EIP) has an immediate and urgent requirement to maintain its current operational support levels with a storage engineering-level operational resource. This is being driven by a large amount of internal resource turnover, and heavily compounded by the influx of a large quantity of operational/sustaining activities throughout the portfolio.

For these reasons, eVision will be providing a senior engineer technical/storage architect that will help engineer, implement, manage and support critical operations and active projects in the area of Enterprise Storage. This is a 3-year mandate representing over half-a-million dollars.

03.04.2014 - Big changes at Citizenship and Immigration Canada

eVision will be part of the most significant changes to the Citizenship Act in more than a generation.

Indeed, Citizenship and Immigration Canada required business process consulting services to support their implementation of Bill C-24 and eVision answered the call with its expertise.

We will conduct a Lean review of the new Public Service Decision Maker process for citizenship grant (naturalization) applications.

02.03.2014 - eVision to assist the geospatial capability development at DND with Technology Architecture

eVision will be supporting the geospatial capability development function at MCE as well as providing systems analyst support to external projects and capabilities such as those found at the Canadian Forces Warfare Centre (CFWC). Systems analyst support services will focus largely on MCE LAN and DMPS by supporting all aspects of MCE systems hardware, software, networking, and storage infrastructure improvements, modifications, optimization, design, testing and implementation.

12.02.2014 - eVision chosen as the infrastructure architect for Census and SAS Grid initiatives

eVision has won yet another very exciting mandate.

Statistics Canada (STC), one of the departments in the Economic and International Portfolio (EIP), supported by Shared Services Canada (SSC) is preparing for the upcoming 2016 Census. The costing stage has been completed and the infrastructure is now required, along with the appropriate resources to support this infrastructure.

As well, the development of the SAS Grid project, after a successful Proof of Concept, is continuing into the implementation and production stage.

eVision’s mandate consists in providing them with a team of Technical Architects for Windows OS and Unix/Linux in support of the team members, ongoing operational support for the Census and SAS Grid projects.

19.11.2013 - SSC chooses eVision as their Technical Architecture support provider to assist with the consolidation of their infrastructure

SSC’s first priority is to maintain and improve the delivery of IT-infrastructure services while renewing it.  SSC’s goal is to move 43 partner organizations from separate and often dissimilar infrastructure services to a set of consolidated, consistent more effective and cost efficient shared services for the GC.  Addressing the challenges, opportunities, rewards and risks of an enterprise-wide approach in the development, delivery and management of its services is fundamental to achieve SSC’s goals.

That’s where eVision comes into play! We will provide a team of Senior Technical Architecture with expertise in various IM/IT technologies and disciplines in order to assist with the development of the Enterprise Architecture Network Services in support of SSC GCNET architecture.

10.10.2013 - eVision selected by Industry Canada for GCDOCS implementation

Big news at eVision! Our firm just won a competitive RFP with Industry Canada to provide them with a team of Senior Business Architects to assist with the planning and deployment of GCDOCS.

The Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at IC has formulated an integrated approach for its IM, and IT divisions to work together to deliver a robust and sustainable infrastructure that would establish IC as a strong, efficient and effective knowledge based organization, that ensures IM compliance and a work environment that is consistent with the expectations of employees and clients. The key to the success of that approach is the introduction of the integrated EDRMS work environment, GCDOCS, for IC that will form the platform of the new work environment. 

26.09.2013 - eVision trusted by the Department of National Defence (DND) once again

The Department of National Defence (DND) is currently working towards launching a new Agency Intranet capability. This new Intranet will be built with SharePoint 2010 technologies and will allow for subject matter experts (SME) to maintain their own content through a publishing process or directly to designated areas. SMEs will be identified and different levels of training will be needed in order for those individuals to properly and efficiently use the new Intranet.

We are proud to have the opportunity to assist DND with this training initiative. eVision is mandated for courseware development  and to coordinate and train identified end users in a SharePoint 2010 environment to enable the end users to use the new Intranet in an efficient manner.

20.09.2013 - eVision mandated to facilitate transformation initiatives with WOS IT infrastructure at Shared Services Canada

Shared Services Canada Science Portfolio Windows Operating Systems (WOS) group has over 8000 Windows servers to support across 10 partners department in Canada.  The infrastructure and servers are dispersed in a few hundred different locations across Canada.  The WOS IT infrastructure and servers are maintained by the WOS group.

Currently SSC is going through some major transformation initiatives which include but not limited to: Data Centre consolidation, IT services consolidation, ever greening of hardware and software, etc… This is impacting adversely on the group’s ability to meet its daily workload requirements and is precluding it from moving several major key projects forward.

eVision’s mandate consists in procuring resources with the key technical competencies to address these issues and to provide the necessary System Administrator support that is needed for the WOS group to address both its daily and project workloads.

This will allow to adequately support the Windows computing infrastructure at SSC’s partners and to move forward with several key initiatives that will transform that infrastructure into a more efficient environment.  This mandate will allow the WOS group not only to meet new and existing Service Level Agreement (SLA) levels, but to realize efficiencies in the delivery of its IT services.

01.05.2013 - eVision conducting strategic Grants Management Business Requirements Analysis for FedDev Ontario

FedDev Southern Ontario promotes the development of a strong and diversified southern Ontario economy. To achieve this objective, the Agency employs over 200 specialists in a broad array of disciplines and has a presence throughout southern Ontario, delivering annually more than $200M annually in grant and contribution programs.

With the support of eVision, FedDev is implementing a Business Architecture enabling a more “client-centric” approach instead of a “project-centric” approach to grants and contributions management.

22.04.2013 - eVision at the Department of Nation al Defence (DND)

eVision was selected as a Subject Matter Expertise supplier at the Department of National Defence (DND/CF) to provide a team of experienced Business Process Consultants to the Director Information Management Security (DIM Secur),department responsible for IM-IT Security at Canadian Forces.

eVision team proudly completed the call-up in March 31st, 2013 and delivered recommendations for the Internal Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Internal Business Processes in accordance to the new Information Security Technology Guidance (ITSG-33) issued by the Communication Security Establishment of Canada (CSEC).

These new recommendations delivered a long-term vision for integrated procedures and a plan for implementing the new Standard Operation Procedures. They have also covered the Risk level analysis as well as the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of information systems for a national and international range at DND.

30.10.2012 - eVision won Citizen and Immigration Canada (CIC) mandate among fierce competition

eVision is very proud to have been chosen as their preferred expertise supplier among 138 competitors to assist Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) with Lean Management as part of the ongoing efforts to improve program delivery and modernize the delivery of internal services.

eVision put to use its finest team of six strong certified Six Sigma Black and Green belts and Lean Management professionals. This multi-year half-a-million-dollar contract started late 2012 and has been running successfully ever since.

“On 24 July 2013, eVision provided a change management learning session for approximately 24 federal government employees.  This discussion was very well received and provided the audience with an excellent overview of a variety of tools and approaches used in managing change. This event has been very helpful in assisting the Department expand our understanding of change management.  “

Gerry Vienneau
Senior Director, Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO)
Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

18.04.2012 - eVision joins CASRAI


We are pleased to announce that eVision will join CASRAI as an Implementation Associate at the Leader level.

Abderrahim Loukili, eVision President noted: "CASRAI was founded in July 2006 by the Directors of eVision to promote standardization in the research administration field. During the last couple of years, we were pleased to see new organizations joining and adhering to CASRAI. As a Canadian leader providing process automation solutions in the research domain, we are very proud to announce eVision official join to CASRAI."

Adil Hamdouna, eVision Executive Director, adds: "This is a natural step forward in eVision’s effort to further contribute to the data and process standardization. eVision will continue offering the most comprehensive way to practically bring CASRAI standards to life, and our software products will continue leading CASRAI standards implementations for the benefit of all Research Community."

"We are excited to welcome eVision as our first private sector participant." says David Baker, CASRAI Executive Director. "Their Directors not only led at the inception of CASRAI but they now lead the way in bringing to the standards table a key stakeholder group: private-sector software implementers."

For more information on eVision platform, please visit us on

25.10.2011 - eVision Featured in Montreal Gazette - Software streamlines process of clinical trials

by Alison MacGregor
Montreal Gazette
click here to see the article

(Montreal) - The McGill University Health Centre has teamed up with local firm eVision Inc. to develop a software product that makes it easier for scientists to set up late-stage clinical trials.

In recent years, Canada’s cumbersome industry compliance reporting methods have resulted in the loss of thousands of jobs in the local medical research industry to countries such as Brazil and India, which have more efficient systems, eVision executive director Adil Hamdouna said in an interview on Monday. Although very important primary research still takes place here, where it is subsidized by the provincial and federal governments, many of the later-stage clinical trials are being set up elsewhere, Hamdouna said.

“If you can get your ethics (compliance) quickly, than the pharmaceutical firms will give you the contract,” he said, explaining that it takes an average of eight months – and often much longer – to get paperwork approved by the government.

The development of a new drug or medical device typically passes through several phases, beginning with initial research before continuing on through increasingly advanced stages of clinical trials.

Once these trials start involving real people, they become much more complicated and must comply with certain ethics guidelines and scientific rules.

The compliance requirements are not a problem – the problem is the slowness of the process, Hamdouna said.

He and the McGill Health Centre hope that the new software product, which streamlines and automates the process, will help.

“We have been able to cut the time down by 40 per cent,” he said. The research report and software product will be presented Tuesday at the Society of Research Administrators International conference in Montreal.

25.10.2011 - eVision Featured in LaPresse - Clinical research: Softwares and Applications to keep jobs in Quebec

by Philippe Mercure
LaPresse (available in French only)
click here to see the article

(Montréal) Trop long, trop compliqué: les entreprises qui testent leurs futurs médicaments sur les humains délaissent de plus en plus le Québec au profit de pays comme l'Inde et le Brésil, où les procédures sont plus simples. Un exode que veut freiner une petite boîte québécoise, qui vient de s'allier au Centre de recherche de l'Université McGill pour améliorer l'efficacité des études faites chez nous.

L'entreprise eVision annoncera aujourd'hui son partenariat avec l'Institut de recherche du Centre universitaire de santé McGill (CUSM). La société de 35 employés a inventé des logiciels qui permettent d'automatiser et simplifier la gestion des études que les hôpitaux font sur les patients, souvent pour le compte des entreprises pharmaceutiques.

«Dans un hôpital, il y a des batteries de comités qui doivent approuver toutes les étapes d'une étude. Malheureusement, il y a souvent des temps d'attente à certaines étapes. Le problème, c'est que les chercheurs ne sont pas patients, et les entreprises pharmaceutiques encore moins. Et il y a des pays qui viennent chercher les études très facilement», explique Adil Hamdouna, chef de la direction d'eVision.

Les logiciels d'eVision permettent de suivre à la trace chaque étude et d'identifier précisément où sont les goulots d'étranglement. Est-ce le recrutement des patients qui tarde? Ou le comité d'éthique chargé d'approuver l'étude qui est surchargé? À moins que le département des budgets n'ait pas encore donné son autorisation... parce qu'il attend après un autre comité?

«Sans outil spécialisé, c'est extrêmement difficile à dire», admet Cinzia Raponi, directrice des contrats et subventions de recherche à l'Institut de recherche du CUSM. L'organisme a participé à la conception des logiciels avec eVision, et les a ensuite testés pendant six mois.

Aujourd'hui, Mme Raponi est à ce point convaincue de leur efficacité qu'elle promet que le délai moyen avant de lancer une étude clinique, qui atteint maintenant deux mois et demi, sera réduit à six semaines au CUSM.

L'affaire est la bienvenue, puisque l'organisme observe bel et bien vu la nouvelle concurrence du Brésil, de l'Inde et des pays d'Europe de l'Est dans le secteur des études cliniques.

«Le nombre d'études qu'on gère est en déclin», dit-elle, affirmant qu'elle est maintenant mieux outillée pour convaincre les grandes pharmaceutiques de faire les études chez elle.

L'entreprise eVision, de son côté, aimerait vendre ses produits aux autres centres hospitaliers québécois.

«La recherche clinique amène avec elle tout un paquet de répercussions: tout ce qui concerne la recherche fondamentale, les brevets, la création d'entreprise en démarrage, dit Adil Hamdouna, d'eVision. Si on n'encourage pas ces recherches cliniques, le risque est grand que nos chercheurs aillent voir ailleurs.»

22.10.2011 - SRA – Society of Reseach Administrators - Portal to Research: Navigating International Waters

Montreal, QC (October 22nd) – eVision will be exhibiting and participating at the 2011 SRA International Annual Meeting that is set to take place on 22nd-26th October in Montréal, Canada. eReviews (Ethics Science and Compliance Software) will be featured during the knowledge session  T5: Working Smarter: Electronic Infrastructure as a Tool for Strategic Alignment in Research Administration by RI-MUHC (Research Institute McGill University Health Centers).

This year’s meeting’s strap line is “Portal to Research: Navigating International Waters” which sums up the essence and focus of the meeting as a selection of strong international themes is anticipated.

Please come visit us at Booth# 4 in the exhibitors Hall.

About SRA Organization Overview:

The Society of Research Administrators International is a 501(c)(3) non profit founded in 1967 and headquartered in Falls Church, Va. The society has approximately 4,000 members who work in research administration at hospitals, universities, nonprofits and at the federal government. Most of the membership is U.S. based research administrators; however, approximately 5 percent of the members are from abroad. The society holds one annual conference for research administrators each year with the 2011 conference being held Oct. 22-26 in Montreal. Two regional section meetings are also offered, along with approximately a dozen chapter meetings. SRA is governed by a Board of Directors, whose 10 members are elected by the membership.

eVision is a leader in providing cutting edge research administration softwares. Indeed, eAwards (Grants and Funding Management Software) and eReviews (Clinical Trial Reviews software and Research Ethics Board Software) are implemented in the most prestigious Canadian organizations.

For further information, contact: Younes Derouiche at

14.09.2011 - Canadian Research Data Summit Convenes today

Working together to exploit Canada's investment in data for maximum economic and social benefit

Ottawa, ON – More than 150 invited participants, representing leading players and decision-makers from academia, government, NGOs and the private sector, are gathering in Ottawa today and tomorrow to work together on a shared national vision for research data management in Canada.

The 2011 Canadian Research Data Summit, Mapping the Data Landscape, is organized by the Research Data Strategy (RDS) Working Group, of which eVision Inc is a member.

The aim of the Summit is to address the challenges and opportunities related to data management and, more specifically, to harness Canada's collective investment in research data for the greatest possible benefit.

eVision is a leader in providing cutting edge research administration softwares. Indeed, eAwards (Grants and Funding Management Software) and eReviews (Clinical Trial Reviews software and Research Ethics Board Software) are implemented in the most prestigious Canadian organizations.

The RDS Working Group will release a final report on the Summit in early 2012. The report will highlight key actions required to develop a national strategy for research data management.

The full announcement and Summit backgrounder are available for viewing on the RDS Working Group website at:

About the Research Data Strategy Working Group
The RDS Working Group is a collaborative effort to address the challenges and issues surrounding the access and preservation of data arising from Canadian research. This is a multi-disciplinary group with members representing universities, institutes, libraries, granting agencies, and individual researchers. Together, they focus on the necessary actions, next steps and leadership roles that researchers and institutions can take to ensure Canada's research data is accessible and usable for current and future generations of researchers.

For further information, contact: Younes Derouiche at

24.06.2011 - New Office | eVision - Québec

Since May 30rd, 2011, eVision Québec has moved to a new location at 1135 Grande-Allée West to Québec City.

05.05.2011 - Génome Québec

Another great news that we are proud to share with you, Génome Québec has decided to implement eAwards for managing their grants and awards business processes.This implementation is initially targeting the following processes:

the investigator experience in submitting applications,

the administrator experience in managing and monitoring applications,

the reviewer experience in evaluating the applications,

the decision making personnel in easily and timely accessing reliable reports.

03.05.2011 - MSSS | eVision Agreement on automation of the REB Annual Report

MSSS and eVision have agreed to collaborate on creating an electronic bridge between eReviews and the MSSS annual report database. eReviews users will then be able to automatically produce, validate and submit the annual report to the ethics unit at MSSS right from their eReviews environment. This is yet another step in our endeavor to continuously improve the user experience with our product, service and support . Stay tuned for more information about this functionality.

21.04.2011 - New, next generation awards management system launched

eVision is pleased to announce its role in the development and release of the first phase of a new awards management system for the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), a national research funding organization based in Ottawa.

Launched on April 4th, the CFI Awards Management System (CAMS) is a secure, state-of-the-art Web portal that allows eligible research institutions to apply for CFI funding. The cutting-edge technology eVision employed in the development of CAMS enables researchers to collaborate and share information online to complete their funding proposals. It also helps CFI staff more effectively manage the full award cycle, from receiving proposals to reporting and communicating with various stakeholders.

This next generation project will bring the CFI to a new level of organizational excellence by improving the experience of its clients and providing its staff with better working tools. Adopting the latest practices in business process management and change management using a proven, yet innovative, development methodology, CAMS is a business-driven system that brings real value to end users.

While the CFI will use a phased approach in the development and implementation of CAMS, which is expected to take 24 to 36 months to be at full working capacity, the launch of the initial phase has met with success. More than 50 researchers registered on the new system within the first few hours of operation and began sharing information with fellow collaborators to complete their funding applications. The fact that the CFI did not receive any support calls after the launch is a testament to the extensive quality and usability testing conducted by eVision and the CFI staff.

"Our passion and ultimate goal is to help drive innovation and maintain Canada's competitiveness in the 21st century knowledge economy", says Adil Hamdouna, executive director of eVision.

eVision is a Canadian firm working exclusively in process automation and offers among other products and services, specialized solutions to the research community. eVision provides technology platforms for researchers and funders alike across the full arc of any research project, helping research professionals review and fund the study. eVision serves and assists top-flight research-driven organizations in several domains.

Created by the Government of Canada in 1997, the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) strives to build our nation's capacity to undertake world-class research and technology development that benefits Canadians and the global community. Thanks to CFI investment in state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, Canadian universities, colleges, research hospitals and non-profit research institutions are attracting and retaining the world's top research talent, training the next generation of researchers, supporting private sector innovation and creating high quality jobs that strengthen Canada's position in today's knowledge economy.

20.01.2011 - eVision Won Health Canada Mandate

eVision won a mandate with Health Canada to review existing correspondence processes, procedures, functions, roles and responsibilities of Health Canada with the health portfolio, compare and analyze correspondence processes, volumes, turn around times, resourcing and systems/tools to 4 other federal government departments of similar size, and provide a report that includes findings, comparative analysis and recommendations.

18.01.2011 - eVision Awarded project with DRDC

eVision has been mandated to facilitate two workshops with a focus group to develop a draft operational requirement for less lethal weapons for Canadian law enforcement.

Indeed, since the Conducted Energy Weapon was first deployed as a use of force option by Canadian law enforcement in 1999, a number of studies examining CEW usage have subsequently noted the lack of independent, peer reviewed, scientifically credible research concerning the safety of its usage.

The Conducted Energy Weapons Strategic Initiative is being implemented as a project within the Canadian Police Research Centre (CPRC) program and will be managed by DRDC through the Centre for Security Science. One of the objectives of the project is to develop a Less Lethal Weapons approval process that could be applied to emerging less lethal technologies.

The related work that has been done by NATO for military forces by the US and by the UK for law enforcement will be used as reference for this work.

18.11.2010 - eVision Participating in the 5th edition REB and Partners Workshop

In a continuing effort to improve our ethics review software "eReviews" and better serve the Research Administration Community, eVision is participating in the workshop organized by the MSSS (Quebec Health Ministry), most Quebec Research Ethics Board members and their partners have come together on Nov 18-19, 2010. This year's workshop theme is "Can we trust each other".

For more information about the event click here

11.11.2010 - eVision awarded first mandate against a new federal supply arrangement: a solution-based TSPS

eVision is pleased to announce that our firm has won the first ever awarded mandate for the new Solution-Based Supply Arrangement under the Task and Solutions Professional Services (TSPS) of the Government of Canada.

As the first successful bidder in this new strategic Supply Arrangement, eVision stood up to a subset of ten (10) prequalified rival companies to deliver a solution that calls for re-engineering of the Web Information Architectures and Web Communications Strategies of the Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada (TBS). This government authority creates the specifications for all other governmental websites, called the Common Look and Feel (CLF).

eVision qualified for this management consulting mandate that asked for a complete technical approach, including the demonstration of a thorough business analysis of the crowns requirements and a proposed technical solution.

08.11.2010 - Award "Un monde à faire"

eVision inc. has been awarded the "Entreprise du Monde" prestigious award during the 10th annual gala of "Un monde à faire", eVision inc. ,leader in specialized software for scientific research administration, has been recognized for her recruiting politic and immigrant employees integration. The event was held by the Quebec Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by the Caisse populaire Desjardins de Québec.

The event was held Friday, November 5, 2010 at Le Capitole de Quebec, in the presence of the Minister of Immigration and Cultural Communities, Ms. Kathleen Weil. Several business people from the greater Quebec City area were also present.

22.10.2010 - The National Science Foundation of China (NFSC)

Mr Adil Hamdouna, eVision Executive Director, is participating in an international workshop focusing on Information technology role in supporting grants and awards management. The National Science Foundation of China (NSFC) is hosting the event in Beijing on October 25th and 26th.

Mr Hamdouna will be co-presenting with Mr Tordjman, FRSQ Administrative Vice President, their extensive experience they have implementing "eAwards" in different Canadian organisations. They will also be presenting the new directions where "eAwards" is innovating with a special focus on multi teams, multi organisations funding applications processes.

18.09.2010 - eVision present in social media

We are proud to announce that eVision news are now also available on Facebook, Twitter and WordPress blog. Come exchange with our specialists so, together we can reach new heights in process efficiency. Join us now!

30.04.2010 - NCEHR/CNERH 2010 National Conference

eVision was the only exhibitor at the annual NCEHR 2010 conference that took place in the Crowne Plaza Ottawa Hotel from Feb 20-21. The 2010 topic of the conference was Globalization in Human Research Ethics: Today and the Future.

30.04.2010 - CAREB/ACCER 2010 National Conference and Annual General Meeting

eVision held a kiosk at the Conference that was held in The Hilton Bonaventure Montreal from April 30th to May 1st. The eTeam held several demonstration sessions for the attendees where eReviews and other products were showcased.

12.02.2010 - CAURA IT Forum

eVision participated in the CAURA Forum: Research Administration Business Systems held in Ottawa, Ontario at the Fairmount Chateau Laurier on February 1st, 2010. eVision has also presented to the audience eReviews product. The scientific review process was the focus on this workshop.

19.05.2009 - CAURA

CAURA is a national voice for research administrators in Canada. Distinct from other national organizations, CAURA's strenght is in its diversity and comprehensive approach to research administration. CAURA provides a critical interface between all stakeholders in the management of the research entreprise.

13.01.2009 - eVision has participated in the IBIMA 11th conference

Dr. Karim Bouzouba, an eVision business consultant, has represented eVision inc. in the IBIMA 11th conference that took place in Cairo Jan. 4-6 2009. Dr. Bouzouba has also presented a business paper about Technology Solutions for Research Administration challenges, the paper is coauthored by Mr. Adil Hamdouna (Senior VP at eVision) and Bouzouba.

17.10.2008 - Canadian Institutional Research and Planning Association (CIRPA)

eVision inc. is proud to announce its support to the Canadian Institutional Research and Planning Association (CIRPA). We have sponsored the 17th Annual Conference held last October 26-29 in Québec City.

24.04.2008 - Canadian Association of University Research Administration (CAURA)

eVision inc. will be attending the Canadian Association of University Research Administration (CAURA) 2008 Annual General Meeting at the Westin Nova Scotian Hotel in Halifax.

19.03.2008 - Partnership with Intalio

We are proud to announce our new partnership with Intalio. eVision inc and Intalio have decided to join forces and bring the power of Business Processing to Canada, more specifically to the research administration community that eVision is very involved with.

17.09.2007 - Ontario Institute of Cancer Research (OICR)

eVision inc. helps Ontario Institute of Cancer Research (OICR) successfully launch their new CaAwardNet Portal.

23.04.2007 - CAURA national conference

eVision inc. will be present at the coming CAURA national conference that will be held in Montreal, Quebec, May 6-8 at the Delta Centre-Ville.

30.09.2006 - CASRAI Initiative to equip the Research Community

eVision is very active, with other players in the field, in advancing CASRAI Initiative to equip the Research Community with an Independent Body for Business Documents and Processes Standardization.

26.06.2006 - Annual Meeting of the Society for Research Administrators (SRA)

Annual Meeting of the Society for Research Administrators (SRA).


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