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eVision Newsletter May 2011
  Business Process Management
  Adoption Patterns:
A White Paper
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by Omar Badreddin & Judith Paradis


Business Process Management (BPM) is a novel holistic approach to aligning aspects of the organization with its stated goals, and aims at bridging the gap between business and IT domains. Although the initial focus of BPM was on the automation of business processes with the use of information technology, it has since been extended to integrate human-driven processes in which human interaction takes place in series or in parallel with the use of technology.


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Business Process Management Adoption Patterns - A White Paper

HTML5 vs Flash

Génome Québec

MSSS | eVision Agreement on automation of the REB Annual Report


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  HTML5 vs Flash
eVision HTML5 x Flash

Adobe Flash was put on the spot with the arrival of iPhone, iPad and graduate changes on webdesign. After Steve Jobs (co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Apple) announced that Apple would not support Flash for iPhone (claiming that web standards should be open and allow the use of HTML5, CSS and JavaScript), Adobe's counter-attack was a note advising that iPhone users will not properly view web content containing Flash features (such as banners, videos, games or Flash sites). This represents 50% of the overall web content nowadays. The result : Which technology will become supreme... HTML5 or Flash?

What is HTML5?

HTML5 is being developed by W3C as the next major version of HTML. HTML5 introduces a number of new elements that can benefit end users and developers. Here are some of these elements:

    • Canvas Element: There are endless possibilities with the
      Canvas Element in HTML5; since there is no need to download
      any plug-ins to display content such as graphics and graphics

    • Video Element: Video embedding without 3rd party plug-ins
      such as Flash and QuickTime.

    • Offline Web Applications: The Offline Web Applications enable
      users to interact with the web applications offline.

    • Geolocation: HTML5's Geolocation is a method of correctly
      pinpointing a user's location. The new idea is to get the location
      information from Wi-fi and GPS.

HTML5 is an attempt to standardize how browsers decode the information on a web page bringing a better interactivity for final users and less headaches for developers and programmers. As much as some HTML5 components are capable of performing functions similar to Flash, we must take into consideration that these elements are still limited to few browsers. However, the compatibility is still a work in progress and some browsers are more compatible than others.

Programmers and developers agree that a good part of web content, such as animated banners and videos, do not need to be in Flash. Additionally, the majority of them blame Adobe's carelessness regarding developing compatibility improvements and new versions for this technology. In my opinion, HTML5 will become the standard for interactive content and Flash will remain the king for animated content.


by Marcos Pereira | Web Developer


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News and Events

05.05.2011 - Génome Québec
Another great news that we are proud to share with you, Génome Québec has decided to implement eAwards for managing their grants and awards business processes.This implementation is initially targeting the following processes:

    • the investigator experience in submitting applications,
    • the administrator experience in managing and monitoring applications,
    • the reviewer experience in evaluating the applications,
    • the decision making personnel in easily and timely accessing reliable reports.

03.05.2011 - MSSS | eVision Agreement on automation of the REB Annual Report
MSSS and eVision have agreed to collaborate on creating an electronic bridge between eReviews and the MSSS annual report database. eReviews users will then be able to automatically produce, validate and submit the annual report to the ethics unit at MSSS right from their eReviews environment. This is yet another step in our endeavor to continuously improve the user experience with our product, service and support . Stay tuned for more information about this functionality.


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